• Did Jive take another step backward?

    Something changed. I used to have a little Inbox symbol on my support forum landing page. That went away and now I have to click Menu to find my Inbox. This seems to be yet another step backward for Jive.
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  • Thanking those TMobile reps that go above and beyond!!!

    I called because my service had been disconnected due to non payment. First off, I've been with Tmobile since the time I was 17...i am currently 41. I have never once switched from of TMobile during this time. I have ...
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  • Tmobile app not working for prepaid.

    does the t mobile app work for prepaid customers? i just got a prepaid plan yesterday and when i try to log in to the app, it says “sorry, something is not quite right here. unfortunately the t mobile app is not...
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  • Shaw Academy on T-Mobile Tuesday

    Just a word of caution with this service!   I can say that I have never been so disappointed in an educational service before. I signed up for the 4 week free course and found out that the course is actually 5 m...
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  • Subscriber not in service.

    Hello everyone.   I've been using a galaxy note 10+ for about two months. When people try to call me from a cell phone they get an error message "the subscriber is not in service." And my phone will still ring!...
  • COVID-19: How's everyone doing?

    I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing in these uncertain times. Is everyone doing ok? Do you have plans or tips for getting the most out of social isolation? What's the biggest change for you? How a...
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  • Complete Reverse of Opinion..

    so here is the thing: 2 years ago this company really got on my nerves with constant speed problems on my wifi.   20 minutes ago they helped my to an extend, which words are hard to find for!   Thanks yo...
    created by magenta7070509
  • Telecoms. Time to step up!

    With the corona virus disrupting lives of countless americans every day it's time telecoms step up and do away with data caps, data throttling and limits on texts and calls on ALL plans. People are going to have to be...
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  • Whitelist party!

    Hey there! I am working on compiling a list of domains to be "whitelisted" so they don't get caught in our moderation filter.   If there are any domains you feel would be helpful added, let me know and I'll work...
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  • Word Association

    From what I remember there was a word association thread on the old T-Mobile forum. Let us start a new one!!!! I'll be the first.   CHILLS.
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  • Community account username change

    I need to edit my community username asap can someone please guide me on how to do that
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  • Official Magenta Meet n' Greet Thread

    Hello there fellow T-Mobilites!   As we were sorely lacking a thread to say hello and introduce yourself, I figured I'd whip one up. Feel free to just pop in and say hello if you're new here, or even if you're ...
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  • Community outreach locally

    I've been a t-mobile customer for over 17 years.   I am looking for direction for my child's PTA fundraising would t mobile be willing to donate a gift card, tablet, cell phone to be raffled off at the schoo...
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  • How is it showing in my usage the my husband was texting me, but they didn't come to my phone?

    I was looking in my view usage and it showed incoming and outgoing texts from my husband, but they didn't come to me. Is there a way he can make it look like he's texting me, but it's someone else?
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  • Can I continue to use T-Mobile's PAYG?

    I have activated T-Mobile's PAYG plan ($3) and it has been in use for three months. Recently I saw that T-Mobile has canceled the PAYG plan, and my account cannot be used to log in to T-Mobile's app. I will use this ...
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  • Certain texts not coming through DIGITS app?

    If some website is trying to verify a cell number, those texts don't happen? No trouble receiving actual texts. I've just noticed that identity confirmation texts do not come through.   Is this a known issue? ...
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  • Aerial Fireworks Ban?  Local Hawaiians Nah...

    https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiNewsNow/videos/502255513728300/   We Hawaiians know how to party
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  • Voice to text is no longer adding the text to message but is giving choices for me to select LG3 Stylo Plus

    Voice to text is no longer adding the text to message but is giving choices for me to select on LG3 Stylo Plus
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  • Latest Android 10 update on Galaxy S10e causes infinite reboot loop

    Yesterday my wife and I were both prompted to update our Galaxy S10e's. We both initiated the update and then we both had the identical issue. Our phones rebooted tens of times until we were presented with the boot sc...
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  • Deals and promotion requirements

    Why does every deal require to 'add a line'? How many users actually add a line? I find this really disappointing as i cannot take advantage of any offer? I wonder if its cheaper to just add a line anyway?
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