• Community outreach locally

    I've been a t-mobile customer for over 17 years.   I am looking for direction for my child's PTA fundraising would t mobile be willing to donate a gift card, tablet, cell phone to be raffled off at the schoo...
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  • How is it showing in my usage the my husband was texting me, but they didn't come to my phone?

    I was looking in my view usage and it showed incoming and outgoing texts from my husband, but they didn't come to me. Is there a way he can make it look like he's texting me, but it's someone else?
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  • Can I continue to use T-Mobile's PAYG?

    I have activated T-Mobile's PAYG plan ($3) and it has been in use for three months. Recently I saw that T-Mobile has canceled the PAYG plan, and my account cannot be used to log in to T-Mobile's app. I will use this ...
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  • Certain texts not coming through DIGITS app?

    If some website is trying to verify a cell number, those texts don't happen? No trouble receiving actual texts. I've just noticed that identity confirmation texts do not come through.   Is this a known issue? ...
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  • Aerial Fireworks Ban?  Local Hawaiians Nah...

    https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiNewsNow/videos/502255513728300/   We Hawaiians know how to party
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  • Voice to text is no longer adding the text to message but is giving choices for me to select LG3 Stylo Plus

    Voice to text is no longer adding the text to message but is giving choices for me to select on LG3 Stylo Plus
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  • Latest Android 10 update on Galaxy S10e causes infinite reboot loop

    Yesterday my wife and I were both prompted to update our Galaxy S10e's. We both initiated the update and then we both had the identical issue. Our phones rebooted tens of times until we were presented with the boot sc...
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  • Deals and promotion requirements

    Why does every deal require to 'add a line'? How many users actually add a line? I find this really disappointing as i cannot take advantage of any offer? I wonder if its cheaper to just add a line anyway?
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  • Can't send SMS messages to other carriers!!!1

    Lets see where do i start... first excuse the grammer!!!!!   ive had tmobile for over 10 years now.. and this is the 1st time that ive had this issue. its been going on for over 1 week now and its getting OLD!!...
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  • My prepaid SIM card expired...can I top up my account from outside of the US?

    I bought the US T-mobile prepaid SIM card while I stayed in the US and now it expired. I would like to keep using my card when I visit the US this month again. Can I top up my account from outside of theUS or how shou...
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  • stuck in fireware update

    Just want to share my experience about "stuck in firmware update" The symptom : my LG V20 918 power was running low and I was taking a couple of pictures. On the 3rd one, it shutdown by itself. I tried to turn it bac...
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  • Note 10/10+ Android 10

    Next month i hope!!   https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-rolling-out-android-10-one-ui-2-0-galaxy-note-10/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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  • When will the T-Mobile website be fixed???

    I'm a new customer. Live chat is down. The trade-in section of the website is a mess. It clunks along, but this error message keeps coming up.   Bad RequestYour browser sent a request that this server could n...
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  • Clear partition cache on an LG Stylo 4 phone ts

    I need to clear the partition cache on my lg stylo 4. I have tried the hold the volume down and power button and it doesn't work.
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  • How can I change my font style.

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  • Since updating my Galaxy Note 8 to the Android Version 9, I have been getting err_cleartext_not_permitted when trying to shop online. How can I fix this?

    What did the update do to change this ability and how can I fix it?   Thanks, Angela
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  • google visual voicemail not working

    I opened an account with T-Mobile in 2014 after I purchased an unlocked Moto G2 at Best Buy. Up until I switched to an unlocked Moto G7, my visual voicemail was working just fine with Google's native phone app. ...
    created by scott.j
  • Digits line not ringing

    The phone does not ring when someone calls my Digits line. My primary line works just fine. I've already tried logging in and out of the app and restarting my phone. These have fixed the issue in the past but not this...
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  • Tmo and the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro?

    Anyone using the global version of this phone on tmo or know what level of compatibility it will have on Tmo-usa network? From what I can tell, it supports B2, B4 and B5. But what would it be missing out on on magenta?
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  • Lg artisto

    Hello, my phone is on 69% and it went completely black. Not charging not turning on not doing anything how can I fix this?
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