• Netflix charges $4 more on $40/month 4 line plan.   What gives.  Why Tmobile advertises free Netflix,   that is bogus?

    Netflix charges $4 more on $40/month 4 line plan.   What gives.  Why Tmobile advertises free Netflix,   that is bogus?
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  • Hawaii International Calling Plan

    The t-mobile sales pitch states "Yes, you can add Stateside International Talk service to Prepaid plan options costing $40/month or higher. The $15 Stateside International Talk service gets unlimited mobile-to-mobile ...
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  • Was lied to and screwed out of $250.00

    In November during black friday week, my husband turned in his iphone 7 because the T-Moble rep told us they will give $300.00 for it due to a promotion.  We got $50 dollars right off the bat, then told us that w...
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  • Was lied to by sales rep in T-Mobile store and his manager, can i be refunded?

      On 9/2/109 I visited the T-Mobile store located at 252 W Stonebrook Pkwy Suite 570, Frisco, TX 75034.  My primary reason of visiting the store was to seek for help on a billing issue.  While I was t...
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  • Using hearing aids, but can't get to the music in my V30

    I recently purchased a pair of Starkey aids. I own a V30. The Thrive app gives me access to the aids. However, I have no access to listen to audio files by way of Bluetooth. I was told by h/aid tech that so far the Go...
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  • I hate my Pixel! :D

    I "upgraded" to the Pixel 3a in May 2019 because I wanted a smaller phone. It is paid in full. It is the worst phone I've ever had. I want to get the iPhone 8 Plus. What are my options?
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  • galaxy watch LTE update

    Has anyone gotten the galaxy watch LTE update? Still waiting here!!!     Thanks for your time !!!
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  • Need help with password

    I did look but nothing in relation.... I have a Google Mini, and I ask for it to call my phone so that I could locate it in my home with the ringer.... Well, when it calls, a few seconds later, I get a message telling...
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  • Verizon Galaxy S7 on T-Mobil

    The phone function on my Galaxy S7 is not working well. Choppy calls, dropped calls. Most calls go right to VM. This is a Verizon phone and I just switched to T-Mobile. I live in a Great area for cell towers.
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  • Official Magenta Meet n' Greet Thread

    Hello there fellow T-Mobilites!   As we were sorely lacking a thread to say hello and introduce yourself, I figured I'd whip one up. Feel free to just pop in and say hello if you're new here, or even if you're ...
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  • Community account username change

    I need to edit my community username asap can someone please guide me on how to do that
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  • Community outreach locally

    I've been a t-mobile customer for over 17 years.   I am looking for direction for my child's PTA fundraising would t mobile be willing to donate a gift card, tablet, cell phone to be raffled off at the schoo...
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  • How is it showing in my usage the my husband was texting me, but they didn't come to my phone?

    I was looking in my view usage and it showed incoming and outgoing texts from my husband, but they didn't come to me. Is there a way he can make it look like he's texting me, but it's someone else?
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  • Can I continue to use T-Mobile's PAYG?

    I have activated T-Mobile's PAYG plan ($3) and it has been in use for three months. Recently I saw that T-Mobile has canceled the PAYG plan, and my account cannot be used to log in to T-Mobile's app. I will use this ...
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  • Certain texts not coming through DIGITS app?

    If some website is trying to verify a cell number, those texts don't happen? No trouble receiving actual texts. I've just noticed that identity confirmation texts do not come through.   Is this a known issue? ...
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  • Word Association

    From what I remember there was a word association thread on the old T-Mobile forum. Let us start a new one!!!! I'll be the first.   CHILLS.
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  • Aerial Fireworks Ban?  Local Hawaiians Nah...

    https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiNewsNow/videos/502255513728300/   We Hawaiians know how to party
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  • Display does not turn on when receiving a call

    I have a new Note 10 and Note 10 plus. The display does not turn on when receiving a call or an alarm from the clock. Doesn't sound like a biggie, but it is to me. I have torn my hair out playing with settings. Than...
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  • Voice to text is no longer adding the text to message but is giving choices for me to select LG3 Stylo Plus

    Voice to text is no longer adding the text to message but is giving choices for me to select on LG3 Stylo Plus
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  • Tmobile app not working for prepaid.

    does the t mobile app work for prepaid customers? i just got a prepaid plan yesterday and when i try to log in to the app, it says “sorry, something is not quite right here. unfortunately the t mobile app is not...
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