T-Mobile is winning the spectrum game! Back in April, we scored big with 600 MHz spectrum that will cover all of the US and Puerto Rico, quadrupling our low-band holdings. With this addition to our coverage, our Sasquatch-sized network footprint will really stomp out the other guys! This gives T-Mobile a HUGE leg up over the competitors in the low-band arena, and since these upgrades will reach father and penetrate buildings even better, new and existing customers will have an even more reliable experience with the best network.



What is it?

Let’s break this bad boy down, shall we? 600 MHz is like a clear freeway, and without the rush hour congestion slowing you down, you’re free to cruise. By adding significantly more low-band spectrum than our major competitors, we’re able to reach even more customers with better coverage. Because we're prioritizing these changes, we expect to have 1 million square miles of low-band goodness rolled out by the end of the year.



What happens next?

So, what happens now? Wouldn’t YOU like to know? Just kidding. We’re not stopping, and that goes for our smartphones as well. Some manufacturers are on board to roll out phones that can take advantage of this spectrum later this year and more are poised to do so in 2018. Backed with the power of Qualcomm chipsets, it's a great idea to hang tight and keep an eye on our device page so you're the first to know which phones will be ready to go while we implement even more 600 MHz. This roll out is the foundation that our 5G network will be built upon. Although our current lineup of sweet smartphones won’t have 600MHz compatibility just yet, you can still take advantage of our stellar existing LTE footprint in the interim -- hopefully all that speedy streaming will make the wait more bearable.



The people have spoken!

As proud as we are of our network and these upcoming enhancements, the really awesome thing is, we're not only ones who are stoked. The folks over at OpenSignal have performed a variety of tests on all major carriers' networks, and the reports are overwhelmingly positive for T-Mobile customers. It's always our goal to sit down, lean in, and listen to our customers -- and these tests are done by the customers, which makes the victory even sweeter! Ookla users are also reporting that our speeds are above the rest and singing the good word of T-Mobile! It's just another "digital megaphone" that the people are using to say they feel T-Mobile is the best in wireless. We're thrilled, but rest assured, we won't stop!