As the official wireless sponsor of Major League Baseball, we're always stoked about baseball season, and you'll find us partying like madmen on Opening Day. By the time teams take the field for the World Series, we're on the edge of our seats! Now that this year's thrilling postseason's come to a close, it's time for a little wrap-up of our own.


T-Mobile & MLB

Our love affair with MLB isn't something we're shy about. At Bat as been a long-standing member of our BingeOn roster, so our customers had unlimited access to games before unlimited high speed data was the heavy hitter it is today. Any of you who are wise to T-Mobile Tuesday know we've partnered with the MLB Shop app to snag sweet deals that make it easier for our customers to represent their teams. In the past, we've also asked you to prove your number one fan status for prizes to celebrate Unlimited Baseball, and run promotions for subscriptions so our customers can share the love. This year's postseason was a record-setting display of sportsmanship and skill, but the Astros weren't the only winners walking away from Game 7 last week. We were able to turn every home run into a win for hurricane recovery!





We believe in changing the game -- and this time, that meant a new twist on sponsorship. We're truly thrilled to share in the cool of the great American pastime. It's great to be cool ... and it's even better when you can hit the sweet spot where cool and good overlap. While this year's baseball season was phenomenal, the hurricane season in 2017 was devastating for communities in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida, and we're looking for any opportunity to help. In early October, we announced a plan to use our magenta platform to turn postseason home runs into cash for hurricane recovery efforts!


We set a goal to donate $10,000 for every postseason home-run and throw an extra dollar in the bucket for every #HR4HR Tweet from MLB fans and customers with hearts of gold to Team Rubicon, and then doubled down on that commitment near the end of the series. By the close of postseason, all of the nail-biting extra innings and thrilling extra homers paid off not just in the books of baseball lore, but for the fantastic vets doing great work for hard-hit communities impacted by Harvey, Irma, and Maria. With the combined efforts of home run history makers and hashtagging fans, we netted over $2.5 million in funds to give Team Rubicon for Hurricane Recovery. You can see details and some great footage of Team Rubicon in action on our T-Mobile MLB page.



What's next

No one can predict the glory that next year's baseball season will hold! We had a great time reviewing some stats on how our fans used their network data during the Series (no doubt only during game lulls). Take a second to let us know how you use your data when you're not paying attention to the world around you here! In the meantime, if you're inspired by the awesome totals  and want to do a little good of your own, you can text MARIA, IRMA, or HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross via your T-Mobile bill, or donate to Team Rubicon directly here.