The groundhog's had his cameo, and we've finally adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. Plant a few annuals, dust some forgotten corners, and tackle your spring backup March 31st to celebrate World Backup Day!



Why backup?

Maybe backing up your phone isn't part of your usual spring agenda, but it totally should be. World Backup Day, an independent, industry-wide initiative, aims to educate the everyday mobile media user about the importance of backing up.


Whether you opt for a hard copy or a cloud copy; you need a second copy of your data! Anyone who’s accidentally left a phone behind, cannon-balled into a pool without checking their pockets, or lost a device to a software malfunction without a backup saved understands how rough the alternative can be. You can replace your phone, but you can't relive special events to replace your photos and videos -- and building a contact roster from scratch isn't a picnic, either!


Backup now!

Luckily, almost all smartphones are equipped with built-in cloud backup options. This spring is a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of the sync and backup services available for your device.To get a better idea of ways you can protect your information, we’ve got steps available right here on T-Mobile Support!


Start by clicking the DEVICES tab at the top of any Support page. Then find your phone by using the convenient Search bar. Take a look at both of the following pages in your device’s How Tos:


  • How Tos > Apps & Data > Sync.
    Enabling these settings will ensure that recent information you select from the available options (commonly Mail, Contacts, Photos, Calendars) are backed up to the cloud account associated with your phone; for example, to your Google account for Android equipment or iCloud for Apple devices.


  • How Tos > Systems & Settings > Backup and Restore.
    These settings offer options to back up unique existing settings to ease the burden of restoring. Depending on your device manufacturer, there may be internal storage and SD backup options, as well as steps to back files up to a computer.


Many device manufacturers also offer software programs that can be used to transfer copies of your device files to a computer or laptop! If you've got a few extra minutes to spend online today, it just takes a quick trip to the manufacturer’s official website to determine if there's software for your particular phone, install, and get one more backup saved!