We know your social media feed is teeming with time-consuming quizzes that offer to determine Your Personal Latte Style, point out The Celebrity Couple that Best Defines Your Relationship, or tell you Which Character in Today's Hit Sitcom you'd be. Don't worry -- we'd never take up your time that way! But we do have a few questions we'd love to ask.


T-Mobile Support Community User Feedback Survey



As a company, some of our biggest wins have been feedback-driven -- and that goes for our T-Mobile Support Community, too. While it might not have the emotional pay-off you'll get using an online Sorting Hat (trust us, it's worth it), our User Feedback Survey does give you the chance to let us know how we can make our Community the best darn customer forum on the internet.


A mere (but mighty!) seven questions long -- some of which are multiple choice -- it should take less than three minutes to complete. We'd be thrilled if you'd donate a few moments of your time to help us improve our Community. Let us know what you love, what you'd like to see more of, where else you're hanging out online -- the sky's the limit! While we might not be able to implement all feedback (that means you, person who asks that we integrate AR into our platform), we promise to take every submission's suggestions to heart.


Tell us what you think!


If you're graciously considering taking our survey, we certainly don't want to waste a second of your time. You can offer your thoughts here:


T-Mobile Support Users Feedback Survey


If the survey format isn't the best for you, that's perfectly fine! You're also welcome to chime in on our User Feedback Survey thread. Thanks so much -- we can't wait to read your thoughts.