The digital age delivers incredible opportunities for families to increase their connections through entertainment and education -- but these same opportunities come with added responsibilities for parents. With T-Mobile FamilyMode™, a comprehensive digital solution that gives parents control over their kids’ online activities and screen time, we're making that a bit less daunting.


Introducing T-Mobile FamilyMode T-Mobile FamilyMode App and Home Base


Available as of June 29th, T-Mobile FamilyMode lets parents manage, monitor, filter and set time limits for their kids' phones, tablets, and connected devices. The T-Mobile FamilyMode app manages the activity on your family members' phones, and the optional T-Mobile FamilyMode Home Base connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, giving you the control you need over all of your family's connected screens.


With FamilyMode, you can:

  • Set daily internet limits -- With FamilyMode, parents can set limits based on time, app or platform. For example, make sure the kids have the access they need to get homework done, but are disconnected by your family's bedtime. Or set the perfect limit for screen time for a specific streaming app on your teen's TV.
  • Choose which platforms, sites and apps to allow by device -- Younger kids not ready for social media? Turn off access with one tap. Or pick and choose sites and apps to restrict – if a certain entertainment app's right up one kiddo's alley, but another doesn't need the exposure, the control's in your hands.
  • Instantly pause and resume mobile internet access -- When there are still family goals to meet, but everyone's plugged in, you can easily pause devices and resume when ready!
  • Filter out inappropriate content -- Use customizable filters to allow or deny online access to certain sites and phone or tablet apps for each family member, like educational apps for those little folks, and gaming platforms for the older ones!
  • Reward your kids with bonus screen time -- Who snagged an A on their essay and helped their sibling finish up with the yardwork? Go ahead, give ‘em a little more time on their gaming console with a quick tap.
  • See where your kids spend their time online -- See which apps and sites your kids use, and browse internet search history.
  • Know where your kids are -- With real-time location information, when your kids have their phones, you’ve got peace of mind.


Get your family into FamilyMode


Families can sign up for T-Mobile FamilyMode in T-Mobile retail stores, online or by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE. Once you're signed up, just download the T-Mobile FamilyMode app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet! The T-Mobile FamilyMode app is just $10/month for all T-Mobile customers on a qualifying T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice plan, and for business customers with 12 lines or less. The app is compatible with iPhones running iOS 9.3.4 or later or Android devices running 5 or later, and can be managed in or out of the home, on a Wi-Fi or cellular network.


Adding the Home Base device to manage your connected screens over Wi-Fi is simple – pick one up at any T-Mobile store or call 1-800-T-MOBILE (existing customers can dial 611 from their T-Mobile phone). T-Mobile FamilyMode Home Base is yours at a limited-time, promotional rate of just $20 – a savings of $80 off the suggested retail price!



To learn more about T-Mobile FamilyMode, visit a few of the resources below: