Whether you came of age playing in the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone, or Azeroth -- or started your gaming education crushin' candies on mom's phone -- we can agree that gaming of all kinds has come a long way since the first joystick. Video games are so popular that there are actually two Video Games Days -- and on this one, July 8th, we're stoked to celebrate the convergence of art, science and skill that make up this favorite pastime (or sport) with a little update on T-Mobile's eSports involvement and a few mobile gaming tips.


T-Mobile and eSports

E3 OWL Stage

The professional sports world is starting to open its doors to eSports, and as big fans of change-makers, we're into it, too! In June, T-Mobile returned to the world’s premier video game event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in LA. The E3 show floor is a host to groundbreaking new technologies, and never-before-seen products, and we crafted an immersive eSports experience in the middle of the action.


As an official sponsor of Overwatch League (OWL), we brought Overwatch League on location to E3. This experience gave fans everywhere the chance to connect with the League like never before, through on-stage content hosted by OWL broadcast personalities, team meet and greets, and more. Portions of these events were live-streamed on our very own Twitch channel, but even if you missed the player Origin stories, AMAs with league favorites, or high intensity RePlays of gameplay moments, you can still make sure to catch the OWL finals, July 27th and 28th at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and streamed on Twitch!


In case you've missed it, OWL is the established eSports league of Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game, Overwatch. The league's 12 city-based teams concluded their regular season on June 17th, with the top 6 teams advancing to the playoffs. The healers, tanks and Hanzo Mains of the last two teams standing will face off in a battle of communication, coordination and skill to determine the first-ever OWL Champions -- who'll walk away with a cool $1 million! T-Mobile will be the presenting sponsor of the Finals MVP Award & Fan Vote, turning Barclays Center magenta and giving fans the opportunity to help choose the Finals MVP.


Mobile gaming tips

While many diehard gamers still swear by their favorite system or custom PC rig, there's a ton of gaming entertainment available at your fingertips. Mobile phones were a breakthrough, but smartphones have been a revolution. Today's devices replace a plethora of bygone staples -- your giant camera and three lenses, bulky leatherbound day planner, trusty rolodex -- and quite possibly, a gaming system.


Before you tune your eyes to your mobile screen and flex your thumbs, here are a few tips that will help you maximize your battery so you can stay in the game longer:

  • Manually adjust screen brightness -This is always a great way to save juice! If you're playing in an area where you can see well, who needs to waste power?
  • Turn off Bluetooth - Bluetooth, if you're not using it, can be a battery drain! Free your phone and the game will follow!
  • Get a backup battery or portable power pack - If you're truly committed, this is a must. These days, solar's an option, too!
  • Use your phone's power saving mode - This option improves battery life any day, but also has potential to improve game performance, since your device won't be as bogged down with other tasks. Don't worry, you can still blame your mistakes on lag -- we won't tell.