We're all looking for a team to join, right? This month, we're proud to bring you an opportunity to rep your side in the ultimate showdown: Cats Vs Dogs! And if your team (Team Cats or Team Dogs, that is) wins, you have a shot at winning a nice little prize! Read on for details.



August is home to two pretty amazing holidays: on the 8th, World Cat Day, and on the 26th, National Dog Day. Although cats have traditionally ruled the internetz with their claws and feline wiles, it's just too tough for us to choose which of these two fur-baby institutions to celebrate.

How to solve this dilemma for the ages? You guessed it -- we're running a contest to settle the debate. Since August is widely regarded as the month for all things back-to-school, what prize would be more appropriate than a couple of sweet T-Mobile backpacks?!



The Contest

Starting today, 8/3/2018, through 8/26/2018, we want to see pictures of your furry family members! If you don't own a cat or a dog, you can post a picture of your friend or family member's kitty or doggo, or any picture of your favorite cat/dog.


Let's break it down: if you're a Cat Person, post a picture of your/a feline, and if you're a Dog Person, post a picture of your/a canine.

Once voting-via-post has closed, we'll tally up the submissions. Whichever species has the most pictures posted is The Ultimate Pet*! Then we'll randomly select two submissions from the winning animal group as the winners of the contest, and announce them in the Magenta Lounge.


How to play

  • This is a tough one: determine if you are a cat person or a dog person.
  • Take a picture of a cat or dog or find your favorite picture of a cat or dog (cat-dog hybrids will not be considered).
  • Post the picture in the comments on the Official Cat/Dog Contest Thread. Feel free to tell us a bit about the cat or dog as well!





*The Ultimate Pet is not actually a label we can decide, or ruling we can make. You're still free (and encouraged!) to believe your pet is the bestest!