Revolutionizing wireless isn't just a present day focus -- it demands a dedication to innovation. Our teams have been engineering the future, and now we're giving customers an interactive peek behind the curtain at the latest technology with our new Tech Experience Truck!


5GTechTruck.pngWe're bringing the future of wireless to life across the country in a rolling, roaming showroom on wheels, so that as many people as possible can explore these innovative new technologies. The T-Mobile Tech Experience comes from our Launch Pad Lab in Bellevue, called "the heart of our network innovation and cutting-edge technology," by CEO John Legere. "Visitors to the Launch Pad can experience 5G firsthand, and "see the future for themselves," Legere said.


The Launch Pad is home base for T-Mobile engineering teams developing and refining next-gen wireless As CTO Neville Ray says, "We already hold the crown for fastest LTE, and today we’re working to build a mobile, nationwide 5G network, all thanks largely to the work being done right here in Bellevue."


While the best and brightest minds in wireless perfect tomorrow's network; we're taking the future on tour with our new Tech Truck for those ready to witness the benefits of lower latency, increased capacity, and breakneck speeds through hands-on experience! The Tech Truck may run on diesel, but it's truly fueled by 5G and dreams of a better mobile life. Come see how connected drones can play a crucial role in emergencies. Learn how safe, clean, and efficient smart cities are brought to life through interactive displays. Experience Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) in new ways as they revolutionize the way we communicate.

Since everyone deserves to see what the future of T-Mobile can offer with 5G, we kicked off a nationwide tour at T-Mobile HQ, and now the Tech Truck is headed to Philly!


The Tech Experience Truck will be right outside Philadelphia City Hall from Monday, August 27 to Wednesday, August 29 -- the public is invited to check it out and experience the future of wireless at these times and locations:


  • 1 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA – Tuesday, August 28, 11am-1:30pm
  • 1 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA – Wednesday, August 29, 11am-1:30pm


We'll be stopping in cities across the country for the next year, showing off high-tech's coolest. Get an idea of what you can expect in the video below, and to see when the truck will hit your town, follow #TMobileTechTruck on social! Read more about the Tech Experience, Launch Pad, and 5G on wheels in our T-Mobile Newsroom!