We won’t stop innovating – or improving! Our teams have been hard at work on a revamped DIGITS app and we're stoked to release it to the world starting this week.



What's new about 2.0? 

DIGITS, an exclusive service from T-Mobile that breaks the "one phone, one number" barrier, still works in two main ways. You can use DIGITS to take and place calls and send and receive messages from your number across multiple devices, or to put multiple numbers on one device.


DIGITS was a groundbreaking build with good bones -- and now it's renovation time. We listened to our customers, and the updated DIGITS App is set-up friendly, more stable, more secure, and more intuitive than ever before.


The updates to WebDIGITS and the DIGITS App for Android are already rolling out, with the DIGITS App for iOS update to follow very soon. If you’re wondering what’s in store, read on for answers.


Q: Why is there a DIGITS update?

A: We’re constantly working to improve app performance with periodic app updates, and with this release you will also notice we’ve added 2- factor authentication in the login process to enhance information security.


Q: Why does the app look different?

A: Most customers use the DIGITS app like a messaging and calling tool for their many numbers. So, we made the experience cleaner and more intuitive by designing the UI around principles used within iOS and Android apps, for our respective DIGITS app versions. For example, iOS features a navigation bar on the bottom of the screen, while Android uses a menu in the upper-left.


Q: What new features are included in DIGITS?

A: You'll notice new features that like video calling and updates to messaging like typing indicators, read receipts, and more, for compatible contacts and groups.


Q: Do I still have to use MyDIGITS to manage my lines?

A: Yes, you'll still have to log into MyDIGITS to grant yourself access to other lines on your account, including DIGITS Talk & Text lines. If you aren't the account owner, you will need that person to log into MyDIGITS to grant access to the email address you use for your T-Mobile ID.


Q: Why is 2-factor authentication mandatory in DIGITS? Can I turn it off?

A: We take security seriously at T-Mobile. Including 2-factor authentication ensures that we can truly validate our customers' identities during sign-in. This cannot be turned off.


Q: I like to access DIGITS on my computer. Has that been updated too?

A: Yes, just a little bit. WebDIGITS now has 2-factor authentication. If you want to access DIGITS on your computer (without keeping your phone around), you should update your security questions ASAP in your MyT-Mobile Profile. It will make the sign in process secure but easy!


Q: Where can I go if I need help?

A: Check out our updated DIGITS pages on T-Mobile Support for easy how-to steps for setting up the app and getting started.

Don't forget -- you can also ask questions and get help from other DIGITS users like you in the DIGITS section of our T-Mobile Support Community!