Okay, if you’re like me at all, “megahertz” is a topic that ranks right up there with How to Darn Socks on the “Need To Know” scale. If you can feel your eyes glaze over at the very mention of the word, you’ve probably been wondering, “SO WHAT?”


TowerWell, let me tell you – this is a big deal – like, a T-Rex loose in Seattle sized deal (with all of the excitement but none of the destruction & chaos). Lend me your eyes for a hot minute & I promise, you won’t regret it!


First, let’s catch up on some recent events. Last year in April, T-Mobile made its largest network investment ever, tripling its low-band spectrum holdings by cleaning up at 600 MHz auction. And in early fall of this year, we were able to officially announce this phenomenal improvement in over 2,700 cities, throughout 43 states, including Puerto Rico!


Now for the real meat and potatoes. What does this mean for our amazing customers?


For starters, you’ll be seeing up to 4x stronger service in most buildings – this can include hard to reach places like cement apartments, stucco houses and cinder block shopping centers (aka "the dead zone"). You’ll also enjoy signal capable of travelling twice as far! Pair that with our recently announced Team of Experts, communities of specially trained Experts dedicated to serving your local region anytime you need to call or message in (if you haven’t checked out our app recently – you’re missing out!) and it’s official – we’ve started a movement, thrown down the gauntlet – and dedicated ourselves to providing you, our customer, with a truly Un-carrier experience whether it’s the signal your phone receives, or the service you receive personally.


With just a click of the mouse, you can check to see if your current device (or the new one you’re lusting after) is compatible. One more click, and you can check to see if your hometown is on our list of places already being blasted with that sweet 600MHz Extended Range LTE.

And this really is just the beginning – 5G is on the horizon. Earlier this month we hit a major milestone on the road to 5G, completing the first 5G data transmission on – you guessed it – 600 MHz. Learn more in our T-Mobile Newsroom!


We’ve got you covered & we won’t stop!




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