Alcatel Linkzone 2

  • 2 January 2022
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Will an Alcatel Linkzone 2 work on an ATT prepaid account network or am I limited to using T-Mobile prepaid account network?


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2 replies


Unfortunately, the Alcatel LINKZONE 2 will only work on T-Mobile’s network because AT&T has not approved this particular device for use on AT&T’s network. I know this because AT&T does not have that device on its list of approved devices. Also, when I checked the IMEI number of my Alcatel LINKZONE 2 with Cricket Wireless (a service provider owned by AT&T and that uses AT&T’s towers), the results stated that my device is incompatible.


Thank you for your work on my question. I figured worst case, I'd pay for a SIM, start the ATT prepaid Hotspot/Tablet plan, pay the activation fee and if I couldn't get the Alcatel Linkzone 2 to work, I would buy the newer Netgear Unite Express, supposedly unlocked. Same guy who sold me the supposedly unlocked Alcatel. He will send me the Netgear to arrive in the next few days, Fri, Jan 6? My T-Mobile plan re-Ups on Jan 10. If the newer Unite Express keeps dropping me from the old Netgear Unite Express I had from 2014, I'll just have to go back to T-Mobile, even though it only offers 50 GB whereas the ATT offers 100 GB. Since I typically use about 35 to 40 GB monthly, either way I should be OK.

Again, thank you for thinking of trying out your Linkzone 2 to verify it would show "incompatible". I could not find any page on that allows a check for compatibility using IMEI. 


Have a great 2022.