Anybody able to have internet connection in Canada under the Magenta 55+ plan?


Today is May 23, 2022. I have been in Vancouver for a few days. No internet connection from the first day. Talked to customer services a few times, chat with them also. I think they are just giving me the runaround after reading other posts from Jan 2022. Does anybody has any success with internet connection in Canada? How did you do it? Thanks.

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My wife and I are having the same(?) problem in November 2022. Some data apps do work, but Google Photos seems to be the worst. Fine on hotel wifi.

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Have you gone into your apn settings to see if your connected to one of the Canadian networks?

Are you currently connected to one of the Canadian networks? If not, check your apn settings.

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Make sure roaming and data roaming are enabled on your device.  Instead of automatically connecting, i would personally recommend manually selecting the network Bell 4G.  Telus 4G will also work but Bell seems to have the more reliable connection even though they are essentially the same company.  If you have exceeded your 5GB of roaming data for your billing cycle, you will still have data but it will be so slow, it might seem like it is’t working.  If none of that works, including manually adding the APN for Bell or Telus as suggested above.  Try completely powering your device off for at least 5 minutes to allow the device to drop off of the network and refresh it’s connection when you power it back on.