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  • 30 April 2023
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Your map clearly show 5G coverage where I spent the day Saturday yet I had 0 bars, no service whatsoever. Also, 4 other guys that were with me that had T-Mobile also had 0 bars, no service whatsoever, and we all had different devices. All the other guys I spoke to said once they are out of highly populated areas they often get poor or no service. Please stop lying in your coverage map. Regardless, I’m done with your false claims and after my 2-year period I will be dropping T-Mobile coverage like yesterday’s trash. You’re service may be the least expensive of the big carriers but you consistently lie. Even at my house that shows clearly in 5G UC zone I have one maybe two bars of LTE. Your shenanigans not only lost you a customer but an advocate. I will never advocate for your service because you’ve done nothing to remedy the situation except to make false promises.


3 replies

Coverage is complex because some towers service, multiple companies, and some towers are dedicated to T-Mobile, or another company. I am fortunate in that there is a dedicated T-Mobile tower near my home, but, I have friends who find that they need to stay with another carrier because they have poor coverage in their particular location. While current phones still can get 4G at longer wavelengths, the whole issue of coverage becomes more of a challenge with the higher frequency 5G gets shorter broadcast range.

I have been with T-Mobile because of that abhorrent technical support service by the other majors. I also travel out of country and find that T-Mobile has excellent coverage where I go.

Don’t worry too much about coverage maps, they are often inaccurate, even from I’m really happy with the 5G service I get, and according to them, my neighborhood shouldn’t get it.

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TMobile has been hamming its network coverage from at least the John Legere days, showing “Verified “ coverage where none exists

TMobile currently advertises 5g + 4g LTE on Main Street,  Cambria,  CA, but has none, and almost immediately roams in Emergency service on At&t


This I didn't want to read. I'm new to T mobile and am having connection problems at my home. I switched from Verizon because my new Galaxy S 22 Ultra could not connect while I was at home unless I use wifi. Didn't have this issue with my older Galaxy S10+. The coverage area map and T mobile representative clearly shows 5g at my home. I'm trying to determine if this is a phone problem or a network issue.