dropped calls and fading

  • 5 June 2023
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For about 3 mos or more now our phones calls keep dropping and my internet is sometimes slow. I made a complaint a month ago on the t mobile app. I tried it again but it seems to not respond at all to anything, just says “hi” with t mobile in pink title at the top. My location is Charlotte MI. We stopped in at a T-Mobile store last week and she pulled up something to help her inquire about our location and said that it shows our location’s tower to be slow, that there has been trouble with it. I am not kidding when I say we’re dropping calls and sometimes it doesn’t even go through. I’ve had important calls drop and some of them that can hardly hear me so I have to yell. Drs office, the police station, my husbands work and when he calls me on his cell from any location. This is completely nuts and uncalled for. The price we pay for these services and this crap happens? We came from Metro and we never had any issues of dropped calls. I want to go back but we’re locked in a contract now with t mobile who is supposed to be better. Has anybody had issues in this area I’m from? I won’t call t mobile because I don’t want another dropped call added to my frustration when I’m calling about said frustration. If we did break contract…how much you suppose it’d cost us? Has anyone done so?

1 reply

I'm in Seattle, sorry, but I feel like I've had the same problems for about the same amount of time. Of course one doesn't pay attention when it happens once or maybe even twice, and by the time it reaches Problem status one doesn't have good documentation, so that's frustrating. In addition to numerous dropped calls, I've had a number of calls I was unable to complete - but which went through immediately on a different phone (with Mint, which weirdly is on the same network). Last week I received an email from a business office that several calls they tried to make never connected, and the latest glitch is a text I sent last night on a long-standing three-person thread, which apparently didn't go through, causing both friends to send worried texts this morning asking why I hadn't confirmed our weekly activity. One of them said she would let me know if it ever arrived, but that was hours ago. It simply disappeared, although my text app CLEARLY indicates that I sent it.

To make things even more interesting, I bought a new phone a few weeks ago, but the dropped calls and uncompleted ones have been an issue for a few months. And it's the worst kind of problem: intermittent, can't be duplicated on demand.