Exasperating Mobile Signal in Montecito, California


I wrote the following letter on Nextdoor. Can someone from T-Mobile PLEASE look into improving the coverage in Montecito, California? It’s really bad.
Montecito is one of the most exquisite and affluent communities in California, across the United States, and globally. We shoulder these privileges through exorbitant real estate prices, hefty taxes, and high costs of living.

Why, then, do we endure such abysmal mobile signal quality, riddled with frequent drop-outs across our community? Why is this part of the daily Montecito experience?

This is a collective frustration. We all grapple with this exceedingly inadequate and feeble mobile signal that plagues all carriers within our cherished Montecito.

The ramifications are numerous, including the critical issue of potentially being unable to access essential contacts and services during emergencies.

I would bet money that I know how we got here. It went something like this:

Mobile Carrier Companies (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.): "Hello Montecito, we've identified eight sites in 93108 where we'd like to install towers to enhance your community's mobile experience. Each tower is designed to blend into your surroundings seamlessly, and we can install them at no cost to your residents."

Some group with "authority": "Absolutely not. We require an environmental impact study, we're worried about 5G, and we refuse to have our pristine views altered by you in any way. Goodbye."

Mobile Carrier Companies: "OK, bye. We have plenty of locations that DO want better signal and aren't as short-sighted as you. Let us know if you change your mind."

The euphemisms NIMBY, "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face," and "self-sabotage" come to mind.

Thus, here we are, enduring a frustrating mobile signal experience - EVERY - SINGLE - DAY.

Let's turn this around and make our community experience BETTER.

What are the drawbacks?

* 5G Fears? Unfounded. Mobile signals are non-ionizing. More radiation impacts your body during ONE cross-country flight than a lifetime spent near a mobile tower.

* Tower unsightliness? C'mon. We have power lines and cable towers everywhere already. Is that really going to make your life worse with a few more?

* Construction inconvenience? Once more, really? Construction equals progress, and installing towers constitutes a mere fraction of the daily activities in 93108.

This problem is not going to fix itself - it requires action.

So, what do we do to get started? Let's bring the mobile companies back in for a visit and help them help us. Let's do this!


Brett Morrison
Montecito Resident since 2018

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