Fraud - Returned Gateway In Mint Condition, Now they want $79.00

  • 22 May 2024
  • 2 replies


Returned 5G internet Gateway as speeds got worse over time.  Returned in original packaging as instructed and in mint condition.  Now they want $79 for saying the unit is damaged.  I shipped the unit as customer service directed me to.  Be aware of this tactic. T-Mobile is collecting millions by having the warehouse taking these in, either send fraudulent pictures or creating damage to the unit. Never trust them.


2 replies

Yes just happened to me too! I told them I didn't have the original box but I bubble wrapped the modem. There were deep scratches on the modem that they swear had to have happened in delivery but refused to send any pics of the box. Their suggestion was the file a complaint with UPS to receive my money back. Told the rep considering it was damaged and not usable to please send me the modem back; I may not be able to use it but at least I have something to show for my money. She flat out refused saying it's the cost to repair the modem. I call BS but now I either pay this BS bill or I let it screw up my credit. Wish I could do something to get out of this charge.

Just happened to me today, got an email saying that I owe them $79 for damages when my box was not damaged when returned. They asked me to send it back due to it not have the new upgrade and sent me a new one. Had I known that this was going to be the outcome I would of never sent my box back. They only gave me a $40 credit on my account but that was it. I still have to pay the $79.