I had n41 all the time and now in morning its n71 until Nokia is rebooted

  • 18 May 2023
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I had n41 all the time and now  in morning its n71 until Nokia is rebooted; then n41 is re-instated into the evening.   Support suggests congestion.  If this were so there is only 900 people within 4 miles of the tower and I doubt there is more congestion in the early mornings than during the day.  I have done all the placement changes and most of the suggested methods. Its just been the last 4 days.  No firmware updates since last February “328”.  Support stated that another tower was being upgraded 5 miles away.  I have a friend on TMHI  on that tower  and he was told they would be finished May 19.  I am guessing they turn my tower off at midnight and back on in the morning!  lol not.


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Just a quick thought… have the trees recently sprouted leaves ?  I.e. Trees/Leaves between your device and the tower ?  I’ve noticed since build (Jan/Feb), service on n41 has switched more often to n71 indoors.   Higher frequencies are more prone loss than lower.  There are ~4 trees between me and the tower, and performance on n41 has dropped a bit on the device.  It isn’t nearly as noticeable on my S21, as it also has n25, and isn’t stationary.  Easiest way for me to notice …. upload goes up from ~30 Mbps to +60Mbps.  Download goes from ~400-450 down to 250-300.   Still works well for $25/month


Thank you formercanuck!  i spoke with support and they said there was a ticket from engineers to take a look at a problem on my tower. This has been a request from them in the past and it always proved correct.  They also mentioned foliage as a “signal hinderer” and used the example of wifi indoors where 5 wifi has a problem with walls for coverage but 2.4 wifi is lower frequency thus able to go through barriers much better.  So either the tower problem or foliage I can just know either way I still have a good residential connection.  The example of using the case of wifi in relation to the tower frequencies is genious and I understood immediately.  Thank you for your service former canuck in the forums!

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WiFi itself on the TMHI is kinda weak, but usable.

I have plugged the TMHI into my Netgear router (where I have my Spectrum currently), and I typically only use 5GHz (on both) due to bluetooth interference/battery drain on items.

Tower frequencies work similarly.  I have seen my performance take a ‘slight’ hit on n41 performance just after the leaves came out.  Similarly, windows / interior have always taken a toll.

TMHI - ideal location ‘near slider’ before leaves ~--100 to 103 dBm, after leaves -103 to -107dBm.

Opening the ‘window’ does help significantly.  I.e.  opening the slider goes from -100 dBm / -103 dBm on n41 to -98dBm / -101dBm.  The biggest difference is on uplink.  ~30Mbps to 70Mbps difference.


Thank you and I also thank you for your support on this forum!