• 28 January 2024
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My TV won't connect to internet only wifi.When I try to open an app it tells me I need to connect to xfinity who was my previous provider.Anyone else have have this problem?


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Just a guess.  You may need to go into your TV WiFi setting and tell it to “forget” your old xfinity network.  Then start from scratch and try to connect to the new TMI one.


Thanks ,I called Samsung they had me unplug the TV and it worked.Tmobile they didn't have any idea.The good news is I'm all set.

Home internet down again 4x a month

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T-Mobile is overloading their towers. I used to get great 5G internet speeds over a year ago and great 5G phone speeds over 100 Mbps. Now both my internet and phone dips between 10 to 5 Mbps during peak hours and evenings making it almost unusable. I know that internet priority is in last place. Phone service should not be dipping since it’s in first place. I know that sales reps will put potential customers on a tower that is near capacity rather than turn down a customer based upon their address. Verizon does not do this. But I don’t have a Verizon tower near me for internet service. Many annoying practices by T-Mobile’s newest CEO have caused long time customers to look elsewhere for service.

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T-Mobile recently acquired a significant portion of U.S. Cellular’s wireless operations in a $4.4 billion deal. As a result, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T now dominate the cellular phone service and 5G internet market. The CEOs of these companies receive substantial salaries and stock benefits, which incentivize them to boost stock value and maintain their positions. Unfortunately, this focus on profits often leads to reduced benefits for customers. It’s a common trend where big business benefits the wealthy while leaving the less fortunate with fewer advantages.