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  • 14 September 2023
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My lease is up an I was told I either update my phone or the remaining balance for both my phones go on my next bill.I want to continue my current payment plan


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you can either pay for the phone outright to own it and no longer lease it, continue to lease it or upgrade to a newer phone. you’ll need to bring this up with TMO either by calling in (tier 1 support) or through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter (tier 2 support)

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I don’t know if there is an option to extend the lease any longer.  From my understanding, the options are either pay the buyout fee or return the device.  You can always lease a new device or purchase a new one in full or though an EIP.    

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if its anything like how Sprint did it the monthly fee will continue until its either returned or purchased. same as leasing a car in a can upgrade, stick with the same one and keep paying or  return it or have an option to buy it.

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Jump! on Demand is such a cool way to get phones, but the end of the 18 months can be pretty confusing. The JUMP! On Demand T-Mobile Support page explains the program and the different options you have at the end of the lease. 

  1. Turn in your device. You won't have to pay the remaining balance on the phone, and you can start fresh with a different phone and payment plan. 
  2. Pay the purchase option price (POP) in full. Then you own the phone outright and no longer see the phone charge on your bill. 
  3. Set up the purchase option installment plan (POIP). The remaining balance on the phone is broken over 9 months and you continue to pay it on your bill like normal. 

If you don’t pay the POP or set up the POIP, then the balance of the phone is put as a single charge on your next bill. The page that I provided above shows the steps to set up the POIP, so you can do it online and not have a large impact to your bill.