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  • 22 May 2023
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I switched to T-Mobile from Verizon in January for a business account. Our business is in a rural area in Nebraska. When we opened the account with T-Mobile we were never told or explained about the roaming issues. Around March, I received a text message saying- (T-Mobile: IMPORTANT NOTICE – For the last several months your primary usage on line (712*******) has been off our network which is against our terms. As a result, this line will be canceled on May 22 2023. For more details and help go to: So immediately after I received this message I called support to talk about what was going on. The representative I spoke with understood my issue and about how the business is located in a rural area and everyday it will be using other networks to get service. He said he changed my plan to an older plan that had better roaming and that I would not have to worry about my number being canceled. I turned off my automatic roaming hoping this would help. And he reassured me that the messages were an error. And to not worry that my phone line would not be canceled. The next month I received the exact same message again. So again I immediately called and Spoke with another representative that also said my phone number was fine and that she could read the conversation from the prior month. And that I had no warning or issues about my phone being turned off and that the message was an error, and that I would not have to worry about it. Well today is May 22nd and my phone is turned off. This is my business number and we are opening in one hour. We need this phone number to be turned back on ASAP. Why was it turned off if your representatives confirm twice that it would be fine and not to worry about the messages I was receiving, that my number would never be canceled or turned off? 

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As mentioned in the other thread where you posted the same thing.  

This is primarily a peer help forum for customers to help other customers with some moderation by T-Mobile.  You nerd to contact Customer Care by dialing 611 from your device, which should still work even with the line canceled.  Customer Care does not open until 7AM ET.  You can also reach out to T-Mobile through DM on Facebook or Twitter.