No notifications when I text myself


I use an app that sends out sms messages to myself as reminders throughout the day (name of the app is textra). Lately, i am not getting notificatied for messages (sms) I send to myself. I can see the sms content when I open up my messages thread, however, they show up without triggering a notification. Tried calling tech support to no avail and it took 30 mins for the tech to understand the problem statement. Is there anyone who can address this?

Additionally, here is the email thread from the devs at textra confirming it's a TMobile issue:


It's a T-Mobile related issue as T-mobile now do not support or allow users to send messages to themselves (their mobile number), this is the same on all messaging applications. You may also test with your Android Stock / System messaging app which is the same as well. Please contact your carrier for immediate assistance on this.

Should you need any assistance, please feel free to email us.

Mandy - Textra SMS Team

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Hello team,

I use a scheduling app (auto text) to send myself sms reminders for tasks throughout the day/week/month. I receive yhe sms but never get notified. I have all notifications turned on through textra app and system. This used to work.

One additional detail, I used to see my texts I'd send to myself (manually or through auto text) as 2 as sent and one as received. I am no longer seeing this and only see a one received sms, but again, do no lt get notified for it.


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I use to use Textra but the notificationd for Tmobile quit showing so I gave up trying to find a solution and just switched my sms app.


So, do notifications work for a different app? Would you please share which one?

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The app controls what gets a notification and what doesn't.  This is definitely a Extra issue.  If you want a similar experience to Extra with a lot better customer support.  Give Pulse a try.  

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i looked back and noticed this as well going back into last year. might be a platform change up on their primary text i send to myself is still there not killing me one way or another with not getting the duplicate text back..


this would be with Google messages on my V60.

The message comes in but it never notifies me. Ridiculous! Why?

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might be because youre still in the text/chat it was sent from possibly?


i dont get the response texts period. not life altering other than i used it as a tester to make sure texts are coming in fine.

This is new behavior.  I can also see no echo since Jan 14, 2023.  There is no Delivered badge on the messages either.  Just says Sent.  SMS from others still working fine.  Tested on Android 13, Textra.

This is definitely not an app issue. I deleted Textra from my device, and started using stock text app. Same issues. It just shows that you sent something to yourself. No notifications what so ever. 

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yeah not a life altering issue but it is something i used to use as a diagnostics tool to see if texts are coming through fine etc whenever i got a “ive texted you (insert number of times here) and havent heard back from you” text.

Yes, it is useful as a diagnostic.  I noticed 5G service handoffs can be flaky sometimes.  If the SMS test doesn't work, you can switch your phone to airplane mode and back to bring cell service back online.  Another use case is to test on an airplane while WiFi calling is enabled and you have WiFi.  On some flights SMS works over WiFi and on others only messaging apps do.  It is good to know what works on a long flight.

It isn't critical, but you wonder why a simple loopback test is now prevented. It is almost always supported in any communications equipment for basic diagnostics.