• 14 February 2023
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Service not working in Dallas, Tx

6 replies

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Tmobile is experiencing outages throughout the country. I have no service in AZ.


No mobile Internet, text or phone service in Hudson WI, 20 minutes east of Minneapolis.  


Will T-Mobile announce anything?  this is the 2nd day of random outages.

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Check the website DownDetecter to see if it's a widespread outage.

Outage: Rio Rancho, New Mexico

No mobile internet, text, or phone service available.  This has been ongoing.  Good thing I have Wi-Fi at home.  

Texting not working in west Georgia. I love tmobile but I have to always have access to send and receive if this is not fixed by noon 2/16/24 I will have to go to Verizon and take my business account as well which would be 143 phone line leaving for Verizon 


Is there a widespread outage in the Dallas area?  I haven’t been able to access email, complete video calls, nor pull up web page in various areas of the city.