poor quality since merging

  • 4 August 2022
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Since Sprint has merged with T-Mobile my internet service has been aweful. has Anyone else had these issues. i believe it is because we live in a rural area but with sprint we never had rarely if ever had issues. sometimes it will just stop and say no service. getting help is a nightmare. or at least a human..

7 replies

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guessing but they still must convert over the Sprint towers..well figure out which ones are staying and which ones are going..then swapping their equipment to TMO stuff..might be the issue you are seeing since its a rural area and not as much of a priority as the more populated areas..


again im guessing but this is what is still happening across the nation currently with those Sprint towers.

Since I changed the SIM card, the coverage is getting worst.  I usually was on Network 4 but it is now Network 2/3.

The videos are getting too many buffers and the service is worst.   Too slow.

I still can't send text messages.  I tried it several times and I am still getting an error message - FAILED (COULD NOT SEND MESSAGES).  Someone tried to send some emergency messages to me.

What is going on?  


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what phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy 9.

I am not sure if the issue is the router or something else. 


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so the issue is with home TMO net or with your phone?

2 months in, this is the worst. we tried every suggestion provided to no avail. thuinking of going back to previous provider.

Yes we’re having the same issue we live in Manassas and the home wifi works sometimes and most of time it’s searching for signal but modern says great signal this sucks I’m tired of this