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  • 7 May 2022
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Don't waste your time getting a Signal Booster. After 2 months of trying to connect the Signal Booster/Cell Spot device, I finally got a Tech that knew what he was doing; an American. 

Go to your phone settings. (Android, Samsung A50)


Set to Wi-fi calling, click on the actual word "Wi-fi Calling "

Click on Calling Preference, click on

"Wi-fi Preferred."

You're all Set! No Signal Booster Needed.

Why doesn't T-Mobile tell everyone this???

I could cuss... 

1 reply

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WiFi calling works well, but be aware, handoffs don’t typically work (i.e. leave your house/appt. and call will drop).  Similarly, if you happen to be in an area picking up open wifi and connected (Charter/Starbucks) and take a call … the same can occur.

I have used WiFi often, and even the overseas push Wifi to even offer ‘cell spot’ (do they still have them ?)