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I live in the Brentmeade subdivision in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, ZIP Code, 37130. I get a mediocre Internet signal most days. Either two or three bars. Is there a plan to improve service and signal strength in this part of Murfreesboro?

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I have the same issues in south central Ky. It's been this way for several months, and it appears T-Mobile doesn't value our business enough to make any improvements. I'm ready to drop them like a hot rock and go back to cable.

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T-Mobile may improve service .. but not so likely signal strength.  Once they’ve rebuilt most of their Sprint and legacy 4G LTE, I suspect they’ll be doing more to upgrade compete in their primary market… urban/suburban.  I’d recommend hitting up a BBB request if you’ve already been to the well with technical support teams.  They may also assist in porting.