T Mobile is the worst wireless provider ever

  • 31 May 2023
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A couple of days ago, I got a notice from my internet provider that I’ve about used up my 1.2Tb of bandwidth for the month.

Part of the reason for this is that the FOUR (count ‘em...) T Mobile phones in this house cannot operate without internet service (i.e., wireless calling).  The coverage map lists my neighborhood as having 5G available (of course it does!).  However, without the internet (like when the power goes out or our internet provider takes our service down for maintenance), I get 1 bar of LTE service at home...not even enough service to make a phone call!  Forget about data service (like what’s necessary to report power outages)…  If I want to make a phone call when my wifi is down, I have to walk about 300 yds down the street before I can get enough service to do that.

I’ve gone around and around with customer “support”, their “technical teams” (who usually don’t know a router from a locomotive) and “customer support escalation” in Seattle (in chat, on the phone and by email).  Nada, bupkis, zero, zilch, zippo, squat…  In a rare flash of honesty, one of the customer “support” ‘droids in Seattle told me that T Mobile knew of the problem and they weren't going to fix it.

I can hardly wait until my contract is up so I can get all the phones unlocked and say buh-bye to T Mobile.  After that happens, I will never, ever do business with them again!  Ever, ever, EVER!

I’ve dealt with a lot of service providers in my time on this earth, and, by far, T Mobile is the worst!  They should be paying me to use their service!

3 replies

Absolutely worst provider. When we signed the contract we repeatedly asked the availability of service at our summer house in Willow Creek, CA. Then agent showed us the map that showed excellent coverage. BIG LIE. There is no service where our summer home is. Went back that showed us the blue map. Excuse there may trees blocking the signal. 
I can hardly wait to switch carrier when our contract is up. 


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File a BBB / FCC complaint.   TMobile support in general won't be able to do much beyond basic troubleshooting,  and filing of a ticket.  In some parts of LA County and SLO County, CA, ive had tickets opened for years.

Fcc /federal rep may help.

Emphasis on ‘may’


You can easily get out of your contract because they’re in ability to provide service is called breach of contract. It’s a two-way street you pay them, and they provide service. If they can’t provide the service, then you don’t have to pay them.