T-mobile needs to fix the data issue with Canada

  • 2 December 2021
  • 30 replies

Considering multiple users are experiencing exactly the same issue with data roaming in Canada currently, can we please hear from T-mobile exactly what they are doing about this?

30 replies

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Canadian carriers have the same bands/frequencies that the US does - for the most part.

I had +200Mbps in NB/NS and ~75Mbps in PEI.  Similarly, in NE Ontario, +200Mbps on Bell and ~120Mbps on Rogers.

What T-Mobile plan are you on ?

I know that since I’m on an old plan, I get 5GB of high speed … and used it in a week while up there.

I was having this same issue and was able to resolve it by turning on LTE. On iOS this was in Settings > Cellular > Cellular data options > Voice & data > select LTE. Hope this helps someone. 

I’m getting an alert from Bell asking my to “Sign on to network” every time I try to use the data there. Everything else works fine-- roaming is activated, and I called T-Mobile and nothing worked. My plan should cover data in Canada as well. I’m using a Redmi Note 10 5g.

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I am currently in Toronto, Canada and have no issues using 5G on Telus or Bell with my T-Mobile SIM.  Canada only offers 5G in a handful of cities so having 3G and 4G/LTE enabled will help when traveling outside of Canada’s 5 largest cities.  

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Try scanning for carriers, and ensure that your device has ‘Data Roaming’ Enabled (not just from the carrier side).  One the east coast, it was 4G LTE / 4G on Bell/Telus.  I couldn’t register with Rogers (my AT&T work phone worked on Rogers 5G)