T-Mobile's international travel plans vs eSims

  • 17 September 2023
  • 1 reply


eSims have gained in popularity. Our T-mobile plan includes free data while traveling in Europe (we’re U.S. based) but 25 cents a minute for phone calls is expensive. Does T-Mobile have some other International plan for phone calls and how does that compare to our getting a local eSim carrier?

1 reply


Actually, T-mobile’s international data pass seems competitive with other eSims. They said it’s $50 for 30 days. An eSim data & phone account from a reputable European-based firm was $54 for 20 days. Thirty days is more than I need but I’d get to use my same phone number. Am I missing something? I assume the data speeds are the same with each plan because they rely on the same local networks, yes?