Terrible Cell Service


I’m not sure if its just me but I have the worst cell service with T Mobile. I regularly get failed calls and messages that won’t send. Even when I have friends and family trying to reach me , they tell me how my phone is “acting up” and how their calls/texts won’t go through. I’m paying for this service monthly and it continuously fails me. I don't know if I need to pay even MORE money to get better service or what I need to do but I’m seriously considering switching providers. 

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Oh let me add that I live right near the downtown area of my city in which T Mobile claims the service should be the best. Definitely is not, Lol this service is a joke at this point

I have been having the same issues since Thursday (5/31). Been on Customer Care call almost everyday, changed my SIM and all the troubleshooting steps. No change. 

I have service thru wifi and when I leave my driveway the music stops … 🤠