tik tok and 5G

  • 7 June 2024
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I'm trying to go live on TikTok, but I keep getting a bad signal error. Is there a shield or some other protection within T-Mobile that is blocking my access to TikTok? My employer doesn't allow TikTok on their Wi-Fi, so I'm using my 5G cellular data. Is this a government regulation to limit access to TikTok, or is it a technical issue?

Please advise. TIk tok thing or T-moble issue

1 reply

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It might have to do with your plan.  Most streing, whether watching or live streaming over mobile is throttled to 480p bandwidth.  If you are on a Max plan or one of the others that allows HD or 4k streaming.  You should be fine as long as that is enabled. 

Live streaming is also very dependent on how much traffic is going through the towers are you connecting to.  I'm peak sand times, speeds might not be as good as they are in off peak hours.