Trouble getting my texts on a Nokia X100

  • 4 March 2022
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My phone acts like it’s on DND mode. However I’ve never used DND and have gone through all setting, including developer options, to make sure messages are always pushed through both SMS and Messenger messages. Its almost like the phone receives it but then doesn't make the sound until 20 minutes later or until I open the phone.  I have replaced my SIM and have reset my network connections as well.  Only other thing I can think of is that maybe there’s a receiver of some kind thats bad in the phone itself.. Any have any ideas or had the same thing happen? 

6 replies

Don't listen to these. Go to settings, at the top in the search bar, and type messages. Under conversations check, all conversations. Under calls, and messages check, everyone. Then go back, and go to messages that can interrupt. Then check everyone on that tab. These techs put 0 effort, into fixing the problems. THERE LAZY

I have same problem, but includes texts, emails, phone calls in and out. GPS works fine, Internet fine. Did the settings update as recommended in Reply, still not working.

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if your net is fine then so should your email. email works off net only..not the call side or text side of the phone.

Internet is fine, other phone, PC’s and TVs all good. I am just relating what my phone does - email, text and phone calls all stop working, whether on the net or wireless, for 5 to 20 minutes. Then suddenly comes to life and everything listed previously all appear at once Phone calls show as VM’s).

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then youre dropping both data and voice on the phone. could be something going on with the sim card. or phone. other phones in the same area are seeing the same thing or no?

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Make sure the apps you are having issues with are set to unrestricted for their battery use.  Intelligent, power saving, or restricted will cause these apps to receive very delayed texts and e-mails.