unacceptable performance!



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All day everyday!

This is my service performance all day every single day, as I have noted with the desktop packet transfer picture, this router is sending and receiving data from 5g tower to my desktop tower, all the time, then it records this packet transfer as service usage. However it is not actually providing any internet whatsoever ever between 10AM - 8PM. It's not just a coincidence that those happen to be T-Mobile business hours either. There is a network throttle order in place, this is something I experience like clockwork, every single day with this service. I get a couple hours at night of decent service and that's it. EXPLAIN T-MOBILE!

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you will need to contact TMO and have them look at the network around you. personally i would contact them through either Facebook or Twitter seeing as how you’ll start with tier 2 support instead of the call in tier 1 support.


you might be on the brink of coverage from whatever tower is closest to you.

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I’d recommend checking the stats on ‘More’ → Advanced cellular metrics

At one time I had similar issues.

5G Very Good under n71 + LTE or just LTE.

Service had very good metrics on LTE tab, but barely registering 5G n71 (different tower for 5g + 1 mile away), and 120Mbps during the day, 16-30Mbps during certain hours.

Now, mine typically shows ‘Good’ with weaker LTE and 5G … but 5G is now on the tower ~1200’ away on n41, and performance is ~350-450Mbps 

I would recommend switching providers. TMobile wifi is the worst!