What is going on with our cell service?


What is happening with the cell service in Henderson, NV? Calls keep dropping or can’t make a call at all. We’ve tried to call each other and going straight to voicemail at times. Video calls are very poor quality and then disconnect taking several minutes to get another call through. Sometimes saying “emergency calls only”. I get to a certain spot when driving up to our house and notoriously disconnects in the same spot and unable to reconnect until I get inside the house, which is also sketchy at times now. This is what was happening with Boost mobile before we switched to Tmobile which was why we switched . Everything was good for several months, now the service is horrible.  Our son has Tmobile also with a different account and he receives notices about cell tower maintenance in the area, but we never got the same notification. This is starting to become a safety issue. 


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Try reaching out to Support by calling 611 from your device while using WiFi Calling or send a direct message to T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter.

Is there a scheduled tower maintenance going on? I thought I remembered seeing an email but I can't find it now.

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Only Support would be able to answer that for you.