• 18 May 2023
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recently switched to Go5G 55 , it SUCKS. Been a tmobile customer for years, unlimited text & data, had a home/landline so calls on tmobile weren’t necessary. Recently lost our home in a tornado, in Whiteland , IN had to have unlimited everything for Insurance, FEMA, diaster relief calls. Went to 1 local store, they refused to even listen said they couldn't DO anything there, except sell us a new phone/service. So we drove to another store, they tried to help but were so busy. We wanted a Magenta 55 plan, not sure what we have. But it SUCKS, I cannot have a phone conversation, it goes in & out, takes forever for a call to come thru, drops the call, a 2nd incoming call automatically goes to voice mail. I cannot complete a call, have a conversation, WHICH I NEED TO DO. Besides living thru a tornado, losing our home & car, EVERYTHING, I NOW HAVE COVID AND CAN'T TALK TO MY DOCTORS OFFICE, IT CUT OUT REPEATEDLY EVENTUALLY HUNG UP 4 times.  Was happy with tmobile for years now this, its terrible. We may have to find another carrier, I can’t not be able to make or take a call

7 replies

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how long ago was the tornado?


Tornado was overnight Mar 31, Apr 1, 2023, in Whiteland, IN.


I’ve tried calling, for example, I explained we were in a tornado, lost our home, our belongings, our car, we needed to upgrade we need to have unlimited everything. Her response was “So you're moving to Canada?”.  Called again, no help, they couldn’t understand, went to a tmobile store was told “they” could do nothing except sell me a new phone, new number, new service. 2nd store was who helped get us where we are today. Service is pretty worthless to us, as it is.

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Go5G 55 already has unlimited data.


Go5G 55
For 2 lines w/AutoPay discount using eligible payment method.
Taxes & fees included.
Min. age 55.
Plan benefits
if the issue is the you pointed out...there was a tornado...against a tower usually sitting out by itself with a bunch of antenna sitting on it..which wont withstand a tornado any better than a house would. which depending on how bad the tower or towers damages are it might take a bit more than a month to fix...or even to get the parts needed if theyre not normal everyday replacement parts they usually keep in stock.

OK,  we’ll give them a little more time, but we aren’t living, using the phones in the “tornado area”, actually about 40 miles away from that area, now & the storms/tornados hit mostly south from where we are now. But I need my phone to work, it’s our only contact with disaster relief, insurance, Red Cross, Salvation Army, doctors, family etc.  I was trying to talk to our doctor Wed and the call dropped 4 times after intermediately fading out/going away repeatedly. Besides we LOST EVERYTHING, so to say I am slightly stressed is an understatement, and we need maybe just a couple little things to go well, for just a little while. We did survive and walked out, but NOTHING since has gone well.

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just keep in mind that if a tower gets ripped out by a tornado it isnt a overnight’ll take a while before theyre even allowed in to assess the damages and see what they’ll need.

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Wow! What a traumatic thing to go through. Walking out of that is a great start, but I agree that you need your phone service to make sure that you can start building your life back up. I am curious what zip code you’re in now. I would love the opportunity to take a look to see if there is something going on in that area as well. Is this area a place that you had visited and got service before the tornado happened?