how to easily swap a t-mobile ordered phone

  • 3 July 2024
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I ordered a new phone from tmobile. I thought I just take the sim from my existing phone and put in the new phone. 

But no, this has been 2 months of special “extending the old SIM card”  plus hours and hours of chats and being on hold. And you can’t do it online--you have to go to a store.  What--do I have to take a day off from work just to get a phone working?   Do they have any solutions for busy people? 

It’s one of the most obvious use cases--I wanted to order a new phone that worked. I paid t-mobile for it.  Sprint had clear easy instructions to “swap a device” .  Is that not a thing anymore?  does i have to be a fricken journey through hundreds of non-helpful sites, chats (that has by the way been discontinued) and hours on hold? 


1 reply

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It is as easy as removing your SIM from the old device and putting it in the new device, if the SIM cards are the same size.  What device was the old device and what device is the new device?