TMobile, not unlocking phone and changing excuses, reasons

  • 25 January 2024
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poor connection with TMob, trying to switch to another carrier

called TMob, paid off balance for phone, told it was unlocked

called other carrier (OC), they said the phone isn’t unlocked

called TMob, they said it is, called OC, they said it isn’t, called TMob and merged reps, TMob says “it might take 24 to 48 hours for the phone to be unlocked” 

they agree to call me when the phone is unlocked so I don’t have to keep checking, the clock is ticking on making me pay a full month more 

TMob called this am, said “the phone is unlocked” I called the OC, they say it isn’t

called TMob again, both reps, TMob says it is unlocked, OC says it isn’t


TMob says, “it might take apple 24 - 48 hours to unlock the phone “ 


To this point, I have spend over four hours on the phone trying to deal with this


very much like the hours and hours I put into dealing with the glitches with the first phone, supposedly rebuilt by apple 

does apple really unlock the phone?


and, I gave them both IMEI numbers, the phone and sim card 

iPhone 13 






5 replies

you may need to back up your phone and do a factory reset. if that doesn’t work call in and request for it to be expedited.

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Since it's an iPhone it will take longer since Tmobile has to request the unlock from Apple.

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I can tell you why it isn't unlocked.  It isn't T-Mobile that messed up. 


Apple gives Carriers certain IMEIs to add to their system for selling and unlocking requests. 


ANY exchange by Assurant, 3rd party insurance, or Apple carriers WILL NOT have the IMEI in their system and would deem them already unlocked. Doesn't matter AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. 

If you have your receipt of the exchange contact T-Mobile help on Facebook or X(Twitter) and give them a picture of the receipt which should have both IMEIs on it and if Apple verifies it they can put the IMEI in the system then get it unlocked. 


Reminder this has NOTHING to do with ANY carrier. It's the OEMs not giving IMEIs they sell or replace to respective carriers. Samsung to Apple all do this. 

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Hi @WedRow I am curious what your bill cycle end date is. It is possible if you were making payments on the phone, that there is a last installment on your current bill. Once your bill cycle ends, the system should send you message that the device is fully paid off and the phone is unlocked. If you already cancelled your account, then the phone will be unlocked automatically when the final bill is paid. 

You can check out the unlock eligibility requirements on our website.


no mention was made of there being any payment due, I was not making payments on the phone 


they kept telling me “the phone is unlocked” 

I asked them about the eligibility requirements 

they said all was paid up… I was clear, they insisted the phone was unlocked 


the said all was fine, t-mob insisted the phone was unlocked when everyone, including apple, the people at at&t could see that it was locked… 

I even asked to be moved upline several times, thinking the lowly workers on the front line are missing something important… the people I was told were supervisors, were worse… the same failure to solve the problem with a tone of irritation that I would dare bother them 

 and, more rude when I pointed out they were back tracking some lie they just told me

I tried to reach the corporate office, I had to climb to that level with att years ago, but, no way to do what with t-mob


failure at one level is all you get 


thank  you for reminding me to write a documentation of the time wasted and the lies from their reps 


if there was some issue, they never mentioned it

they kept saying “we show the phone is unlocked” 

while the phone said it was locked and that is what everyone else saw


they need to pay me for the time wasted


and the loss of money for having to buy a new phone to leave awful connectivity