Wits end with UICC unlock

  • 21 November 2022
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Sprint says the phone has been unlocked but the phone refuses to unlock. When I try it says “SIM unlocking could not be completed. Please try again later. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Customer Servicge. Error: Internalr Error (407)”


I bought this phone about a month ago, it was supposed to be unlocked three days afthecr I bought it, but the problem has persisted. I got screenshot of the note from the seller that the unlock was complete. I’ve tried putting in two different Boost Mobile cards (my carrier), but with the same problem. It won’t even try to unlock without a SIM in it. I’ve tried resetting it with the dialer code (##72786#) with no effect. The seller has now become very nasty and is not willing to help me any longer. Boost Mobile has been no help and Sprint won’t talk to me because I don’t have an account. I’m just noat sure what else I can do. Any suggestions?

3 replies

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what device? Sounds like a bad policy the major OEM has made.  This is often the problem with the policy.

What happens OEMs has this policy for 3rd party sellers to lock to the first sim is put into the device and is not actually unlocked because of this.  Carriers don’t know it is locked to them because OEMs don’t give the carrier the IMEI telling them it’s locked to them.  Carriers will not put the IMEI into the system unless it comes from the OEM due to potential fraud and other legal reasons.

You will need the original receipt with the matching IMEI to get the ball rolling.  IF you don’t have the original receipt pretty much that device will forever be locked as OEM’s will not verify it due to privacy laws and reasons.

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Because Sprint required the IMEI of the device in their system.  The device might need the SIM card for the number the unlock was approved on to process that SIM unlock.  @fireguy_6364 might have some more insight into how the Sprint SIM unlocks work.  

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I had this problem with a Sprint LG G8 that I bought from swappa to use with iwireless that at the time was using Sprint towers but couldn't activate. Found out that iwireless is now using Tmobile towers and the phone wouldn't activate because it wasn't compatible with Tmobile.I thought the issue was the phone was never unlocked.