5G Small Business Internet - Blocking Ports for Dialpad Phone System

  • 3 November 2022
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We have recently discovered that either the T-Mobile 5 G Business Internet or T-Mobile's cell towers are blocking some of the following ports. We are a small business and use T-Mobile for both internet for our POS system and for our phone (through  This physical handset worked for about 14 months and then a couple of weeks ago, it stopped receiving incoming calls.  We can call out, but all incoming calls do not ring the handset. We switched the Internet temporarily back to Spectrum and it worked flawlessly. T-Mobile sent us out another one of the grey nokia 5 G towers for our Internet, and we are still experiencing the same problem. Does anyone know how to get either the T-Mobile 5G firewall to unblock these ports or to get their towers to unblock it?  

Nov 2, 2022, 16:50 PDT

Good day!!
Thank you for reaching out to Dialpad. This is Clarice from Dialpad Support.
Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, as well as manage contacts, get call logs and voicemails, transfer calls, and more.
We know you are on the move, and we're pleased to confirm that Dialpad is operable on any device with a reliable internet connection!
Let's dive into the details of network settings, to set you up for success.
Port and protocols used by Dialpad phones and applications residing in a private network are listed below. Outbound port configurations are needed on the firewall to allow traffic to the destination ports listed in the right-hand side column of the tables. Stateful firewalls are recommended for Dialpad deployments. For a stateful firewall, inbound port configurations are not needed as they are automatically opened as a reply to the outbound traffic.

Desktop Native, Mobile, & Browser Applications

Traffic Type Protocol Domain Port
Product features (images, social profiles etc) HTTPS (TCP)



Messaging HTTPS (TCP)
Call Signaling WSS (TCP)
443, 5061
Call Media SRTP (UDP)   16384 to 32768
STUN UDP 19301 to 19302
TURN UDP and TCP 443
Server Discovery DNS (SRV records)

For more details about Dialpad's Network set up recommendations, please visit our help center: 

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@iTinkeralot  any ideas on this one?


I found out from tech support that the nokia gateway’s do have the ports permanently blocked. They are sending me another model (not sure which one yet) that is supposed to have the ports open.

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I did a port scan today and only 3 TCP ports were open. So, the Nokia is a bit different in that respect.