DOES he or she really think they're pulling the wool over ones eyes?


I now have 100% proof he has been hacking into my account. Changing names , passwords adding another Network to make It look like it's what the modem came with.  AND in his phone he has it labeled as Nates Iphone.....Not to mention I just joined but his bills go back many months.  I have screenshots,  plus made it to where I had no choice but to factory reset my phone 


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Thanks! I've changed it numerous times. When the rep signed me up, she asked for a different number so she can get a code. TextNow doesn't allow codes unless numbers locked in etc. (I'm sure you know that) A little while after getting off the phone with her I proceeded to finish signing up and not only was my pin code working but my password neither. So once again asked the ALLEGED FRIEND for another code. Finally after a few tries I was able to log in.  When I opened the data option and plan it had his info going all the way back to November last year and the bill was 296.04. WTH!!?? I was livid, of course he denied it. Plus items and plans were added like Digits and Magenta etc 😡


Oh yes plus getting Digits, Magenta Apps etc ALL so he can be on dating sites .... He's STRICTLY AN ALLEGED FRIEND.....WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS???? 

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I am not sure what you are trying to describe, but if you think someone is hacking into your account.  Change your password to a password that isn't something you would normally use and take the proof you have and go to the police.


They’re not wrong but whoever is doing it to bug you a hacker would be in and out. Do you notice BT attacks or issues …..could be an HID intrusion attack or deauther attack. She can’t go tell anyone because who would believe. Look up topic Linux and Kali tools you see if it seems similar to what’s going on. Go to police if life is in danger but seems like you have a jerk in your life. I want to scream for you so annoying