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  • 16 June 2024
  • 3 replies


I’ve been getting this error for a couple of days now. I’ve done all of the deleting of cookies and data, logging in/out, tried Chrome and Edge. What gives?

3 replies

I’m having the same issue, would love an answer on this!

I am also getting this error, for a few weeks now actually.

I wanted to upgrade a couple of devices and initiate a trade-in, but it keeps giving me the same error for days now. Whether I use phones or laptops to try to make the purchase, it’s not really an issue that seems to be happening on my end. I contacted support, but aside from processing the order over the phone, there didn’t seem to be another solution. Unfortunately, the phone that I wanted (Pixel 8 pro) was showing backordered on the website, but out of stock on their end. So I wasn’t able to do it over the phone either :/