ERROR = YOUR SIM IS NOT SUPPORTED. iphone 12 pro max transfer to 14 plus

  • 29 December 2022
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Have an unlocked iphone 12 pro max. Bought a 14 plus and successfully transferred all data from the 12 to the 14 EXCEPT the e-sim. When I attempt to do this, I receive an error that states “Your SIM is NOT Supported - The SIM in your old iphone does not support eSIM transfer. Contact T-Mobile for assistance… 

Called business tech support and was told to put my # in and I’d get a call back in 15 minutes. An hour goes by - nothing. I call tech again and the system recognizes that I have a call back cancels it and says will connect you with the next rep in a moment. That was 1.75 HOURS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!! Still on hold…

While I hold I go thru the DIY help and the instructions are incorrect. Did this 3x. Now I’m trying the community help. 

Anyone know what I need to do? I’m about to cancel ALL LINES  on my business account over this.

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