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We have worked with Sony TV about connecting our Bravia Smart TV to Amazon Prime TV through our TMobile Home Internet.  It is only our Smart TV that will not connect.  Our other TVs that are streaming through Roku Devices (one with a Roku Soundbar) do not have a problem.  


Sony Support stated it was because the Bravia was trying to connect through IPv6 and Amazon Prime Video will not accept.  While investigating, we found that Roku uses IPv4.  We also checked with a friend that also has the same model of TV but on another Internet provider.  Their setting for IP settings shows as “Automatic” rather than IPv6.  This makes me feel confident that Sony support was correct that the problem is the IPv6 through TMobile.  

My question - is there any way around our Smart TV using IPv6?  All other streaming apps appear to work correctly - YouTubeTV, Netflix, Disney+, etc.  



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I know I've seen similar posts do maybe @bocaboy2591 or @copz1998  can help.

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@DiBucky from my experience, not all systems are IPV6 ready today. Reviewing the following Sony network setup article, they recommend IPV4, and I do to.  Unless you have skillsets to configure TCP/IP and a degree in networking, setting up your system on IPV4 will work efficiently and be easier to setup.

My two cents.



@copz1998 thanks for the info.  My situation is a bit different - I think.


Our Sony Bravia Smart TV is picking up the IPv6 from the TMobile router - based on the info from Sony’s tech support - we cannot change anything on the Smart TV to change this.  Tech support stated that TMobile router would need to be able to handle the change.  

Not sure if this is true or if it is just tech support “pointing fingers”.  


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@DiBucky maybe I missed it, but what is your setup? Do you have all of your devices attached via wifi to your t-Mobile gateway, or do you have wifi router between the gateway and devices? 

For example, I am using the T-Mobile Sagemcom gateway > nether MR60 wifi router > devices 

If you have a wifi router other than the T-Mobile gateway, then you may. be able t turn on/off IPV4 & IPV6. 

Just a thought.

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I also own a Sony Bravia, an XR-50X90J, connected to an Apple TV 4K. That may be the reason I'm not seeing the same behavior you are on your Bravia TV.

Have you tried using a VPN? That would give you an external IP that is both local and IPv4. Also, if I understand your posting correctly, you don't have a problem when accessing it through an external device like a Roku. There are plenty of those around as well for next to nothing. I understand it's not an ideal solution, but it may work for you if you want to continue using TMHI.

I’m sorry I couldn't contribute something better! Good luck!

Seems to be a specific incompatibility between Tmobile gateway and Google TV interface.   Both my Sony TV (running Google TV) and Chromecast with Google TV (4k) have issues only with the Amazon Prime streaming app.  Not experiencing this with other streaming boxes with Amazon Prime app(roku, firestick). The only workaround I have so far is connecting the SmartTV/GoogleTV to a repeater or using your own wifi router (which unfortunately defeats the purpose of the T-mobile 2 in 1 gateway).  Hoping T-mobile can fix this.  As it stands, they still haven't fixed the gateway error when you click "Devices" on the T-mobile internet app, and it's difficult to manage devices on your network.

I have the tvision hub google tv device and tmobile home internet.  Everything worked fine on my tvision hub except amazon prime.  I enabled developer mode and sideloaded cloudflare’s app, part of their zerotrust suite.  With this active in the background, amazon prime works fine--well, a little slow to load the video, but fine once loaded.  (I’m not at the device now to check, but there are two options with cloudflare under settings:  one is “gateway with DoH” and the other is “Gateway with WARP.”  I think you want to select the former for this to work, but you may need to experiment.  This is a free solution that doesn’t require any other hardware running.  (I happened to have a usb c device that allowed me to plug a usb drive into the Hub and sideload cloudflare that way (Cloudflare doesn’t show up in the Play store), but I guess there are ways to download an .apk file from a cloud account.  Also, I have a cloudflare account, but I don’t think you even need to create one to use the basic dns service.  Finally, I’m not sure why this works, but it does.  (Also, I tried a vpn approach with zerotier, (also sideloaded) but that didn’t work.  I think amazon prime sniffs out the vpn approach and doesn’t like it.

Just replaced my original TMobile gateway with the new Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway and immediately had an issue with Prime video on my Sony TV. After trying everything under the sun to fix it, I found this thread mentioning the IPv6 issue. My solution was to configure my mesh router to disable IPv6 and hard wire into the network. Restarted TV and checked ethernet settings in the settings menu.

This immediately fixed the Prime issue. If I weren’t an IT guy, I’d not have even thought to track this specific fix down.

SOMEONE, either Sony or TMobile needs to fix this by having a setting allowing IP version selection.. 

Just replaced my LG OLED with the Sony XR 65 A90J

same problem as mentioned above - no Amazon Prime - the App was running out and did not connect.

tried  everything !!  except hard wire changes !!  After two day of searching and wasting my time, I tried the new Fire stick, what I bought 4 weeks ago for my older Sony Smart TV from 2014. 

Guess what - Amazon prime is working and all the other Apps via the Fire stick!!!  I do not really know, why!!

I am still thinking to send the new Sony TV back (to make a point) 

maybe this will help someone / somewhere 


As mentioned above, the issue seem to be that the Gateway defaults to IPv6 protocols but Prime ONLY uses IPv4. 
The solution is to set your home network router to use IPv4 and not v6. This cannot be set on the Gateway. 

If you aren’t using a home router and the Gateway is your internet wireless device, your only option is to use a device like a Roku or Apple TV instead of your smart TV for Prime. 
Other streaming services such as Disney, Netflix and Hulu work with the Gateway and the IPv6 configuration. 
It’s an issue that either Prime or T-Mobile will have to fix. 

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@Marion There does seem to be an incompatibility specifically with the Prime Video app on Sony Smart TVs with T-Mobile Home Internet.  There are several discussions here about it, and I have suggested before (though not on this particular thread) that the fix is to use a Firestick or Roku.  I’m glad that you found that works for you, and that you posted here.  Returning the TV won’t really make a point.  It will get resold as an “open box” or possibly refurb item.  The programmers will never know why you returned it.  If the picture is great, that is what matters!  The TV’s OS will eventually be outdated, but can always be replaced with a current external streaming device.


this seems to beissue calll me adam urango

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I have the Arcadyam KVD21 Gateway and a Sony Bravia TV, all connected to an eero 6+ router system. I have never had any problem with the Prime Video app on the TV.  It’s the Apple TV app that won’t work.  Constant pixelating problem!  Can’t watch anything.

I am experiencing the same issue - all apps EXCEPT Prime Video play on Sony Bravia smart TV when connected to TM Home Internet (TMHI) but will play when connected to TM Hotspot.  I have 2 Sony TV’s and PV will not play on either but all other apps will.  I have also connected to the PV app on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone via TMHI WiFi with no issues and my husband connects same on his Galaxy table with no issues.  After troubleshooting with Sony, I was convinced it was strictly a TMHI conflict but since the PV app works on these 2 other Android devices, I am back to it must be a Sony TV issue and/or TMHI.  Both Sony and TM want to point fingers at the other one rather than helping their customers solve this issue which many users are experiencing.

Thought I would weigh in on this topic since I have the same problem with TMHI and Amazon Prime video. The prime app will load (slowly) but refuses to play videos (or trailers). My set up is tmhi Sagemcom gateway, TCL smart TV, and I just got the new Onn 4k pro streaming box. Everything works except Amazon. The Sony TV in the bedroom has a Google chromcast and it does not play videos on Amazon Prime either. Please TMO try and solve this problem, it's for real. 📺

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Thought I would weigh in on this topic since I have the same problem with TMHI and Amazon Prime video. The prime app will load (slowly) but refuses to play videos (or trailers). My set up is tmhi Sagemcom gateway, TCL smart TV, and I just got the new Onn 4k pro streaming box. Everything works except Amazon. The Sony TV in the bedroom has a Google chromcast and it does not play videos on Amazon Prime either. Please TMO try and solve this problem, it's for real. 📺

Instead of waiting for a fix, you might do what others suggest and get a cheap Fire TV stick and use that to stream Prime Video.  Also, you can connect to Prime Video on your PC or cell phone and cast it to your Sony TV, after setting up casting. 

I am doing that now with Tubi TV, since their latest update made their app incompatible with my Sony Bravia.  I bring up what I want to watch my desktop or Moto cell phone and cast it to my TV.  The Sony remote even works in pausing, FF, RW and stopping what I am watching. 

P.S. An odd thing I discovered today . . . I turned off my cell phone, in the middle of a show, to disconnect from Tubi, but the show continued to play on my TV even after my cell phone was off!  Someone please explain how that could be. :)

I too have had one heck of a time trying to figure out this problem! Up until two months ago every thing worked great on my 65” Sony Bravia! Purchased in January of 2023. I have spoken with Sony, T-Mobile, and Prime Video going thru their troubleshooting to no avail! Sony said I needed to go from IPV6 to IPV4, of which T-Mobile will not do! My IPads, LG Tv work fine. The Sony takes forever to load PV. Once to the Home Screen nothing past that will work, it, try’s to load and then the “ Oops Something Went Wrong”. Over and over nothing I did helped. Until…..I used my Fire Stick or Apple TV unit! It loads and streams as usual!

Here’s the rub! Why must I be forced to use another piece of auxiliary add on just to watch Prime Video?  Sony, Prime Video, and T-Mobile should know the problem and join together and solve it! Sony makes a great TV but why load an App from the factory that is not working! Every other App works great with no problems! Seems like a software update or patch from someone could fix this problem! 

Don’t mean to harp but I have spent countless hours trying to fix the problem to no avail so it will run on the TV as designed. I will continue to use my Apple unit or Fire Stick to watch Prime Video until someone does what they should and correct this!