cant view devices in my app

  • 6 September 2023
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I go to tmobile internet app and try to manage my devices connected to the internet and i always get an error message and i cant view any devices connected to my network 

6 replies

I get error 500 its when fire tv cubs are on

Turne them off i can see devices 

I can turn the fire tv off and it works, but he Amazon Echo just killls it and i have to reset the gateway in order to see devices. 

i have to reset the gateway in order to see devices. 


  When you say “reset”, do you mean shut it down -- wait a bit -- turn it back on?  Restore to factory and do the entire install thing again?

Or do you mean something else?

My apologies, I am referring to a factory reset of the gateway. However, even connecting the Amazon Echo on a separate wireless router is no longer working for me. Moving the Firestick works fine, but  Alexa causes the 500 error when trying to list devices no matter what. However I can still open the T-Mobile app. Please post updates or more questions. Thanks. 

 Please post updates or more questions. Thanks. 


 I’m still having “No devices found” on the T-Mobile app.  A third party IP scanner app shows the expected devices and 5 unidentified devices.   

  However, when I shift to my other ISP, those mystery devices are no longer showing.

(Note that I am running two ISPs -- trying the T-Mobile for better speed and “forever” cost)

My decades of use ISP (Frontier) is an unmeasured service. The rates have been creeping up-- but a call to “retention” gets me back to my original rates for a year. I am riding a dual-link DSL, with a promise of fiber “soon” (been hearing that for a couple of years).  A call for tech support generally gets a human being in the US fairly quickly.

  The two times I somehow got past the T-Mobile ‘bot to get a human being, I got India (I think) and the Philippines. The Filipino lady was speaking english very well.


   Frankly, right now the lack of transparency by T-Mobile has me seriously contemplating ending the experiment.  And yea I’ve heard the stories of “lost” returned routers --- which means the “experiment” might cost me another $350ish upon quitting. ---- still contemplating.

My devices mysteriously started listing yesterday with no changes by me. We’ll see how long it lasts.