Decent download - terrible specs

  • 2 August 2022
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After a month of hearing nothing but “they are working on the towers” and getting 75-95% packet loss - things are looking up and I moved all my 15+ devices over to the Gateway from Astound/RCN (~500Mbps)

I measure with a direct connect via Tp-Link Deco 5.  Averaging around 100 mbps and as high as 200 and as low as 20.  This is within T-Mobile promised rates.


rsrq -3 rsvp -104 sinr 2 band n41 on 5G

rsrq -18 rsvp -112 sinr -4 on band b66 for 4G


As ASTOUND/Rcn has reduced my rate to $47 incl taxes I am inclined to return the gateway.

However, I think down the road T-Mobile will have competitive performance.  If I come back, not sure I would get the same rate.


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