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  • 5 December 2022
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How or where do I order booster for my T-MObile internet? Thanks


4 replies

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There are 4G LTE boosters but there are not cellular boosters for 5G with the MIMO technology. If you can find one you are talking serious investment and new tech. Even 4G LTE boosters are rather on the expensive side.

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If you really want to look into cellular boosters a web search will produce results. I have seen a number of boosters on Amazon and other places. I researched them and installed a weBoost for my sister for her RV. It is 4G LTE but still the solution was around $450 or so for the booster, pole and antenna. You can get a small booster for a space but but if it is just an inside unit it is NOT as effective as having an external antenna. Still the boosters are not inexpensive and good ones are expensive. We had pretty good results with hers but she only has 4G LTE and minimal needs in terms of devices.

Some users have used MIMO antennas and connected them to the gateways but it takes a bit of technical work and lots of care to not do any damage as the connectors are tiny and delicate which makes them very easy to break if extreme care is not taken to get it spot on. They don’t make the gateways to have external antennas connected but it is possible to do and there are online stores like which has trained technical people that can provide assistance and documentation. Still the external antennas can run from $300 - $500 roughly depending upon the requirements of each installation. A 2x2 MIMO is roughly half the cost of a 4x4 MIMO antenna and the antenna type depends upon the signal you are trying to receive and improve. 

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That's a lot of money to take a cheap alternative to cable to make it more stable with faster speeds.

I pay $64 a month for Cox cable so basically it's better for me to stick with them. Luckily I'm in an area that has great hardwire service.

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I cannot argue with that. Just sharing the reality.  For some people who live in a rural locality the external antenna can be a necessity and make the ONLY lower cost solution workable. That is still better than satellite kit costs.