IMCP across Ardadyan ethernet interfaces


Just received my Arcadyan.  Ignoring the hundreds of complaints, coming from someone rural that was dealing with a Point-to-point 4Mbps TOPS! antenna connection which would drop with the wind (literally), I have been pleased in my testing.  It is not 100%, but expectations have been set pretty low.  I have found something odd I cannot figure out other than the gateway must be not allowing ICMP across the two ethernet interfaces.  I have an Orbi mesh in AP mode (wifi enabled with a unique SSID) plugged into one interface.  All the devices which plug into the Orbi or connect via wifi ork fine.  I have a switch plugged into the other ethernet port on the Arcadyan with a couple laptops.  Again, these all access the internet fine.  However, nodes on the Mesh cannot ping nodes on the switch, and vice versa.  The twist, if I connect a laptop to the wifi on the Arcadyan, it can ping everything on both sides.



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