New T-Mobile gateway with antenna connectivity

  • 25 August 2023
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Great news! For those who (like me) need a little better signal, and know an external antenna would be better, your prayers have been answered. See the link below on a new product announcement. I already hacked mine so I may wait, but if you need a better signal (= faster download speeds) this is a huge development.

Will you be asking for an exchange for the new gateway?


3 replies


Yes, I heard this on the Youtube Cord cutters...Nice.

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I would love to request an exchange but alas….

“T-Mobile states “At this time, current Home Internet customers are unable to request a T-Mobile 5G Gateway (G4AR), even in escalated situations.”

So much for existing customer loyalty. Either way, the web interface is going to be just as dumbed-down as the rest of them. No settings, not even port forwarding or bridge mode. Here’s to Double and Triple NAT!

One would think after all this time T-Mobile would have addressed these issues. Nope, too busy laying off 5000 people.



I am still in my 15 day trial window and last week I called and asked to switch my trial 5G Modem (SAG FAST) to a TMOG4AR because of its support for more bands & link aggregation.  

My house is surrounded by alot of trees.  My signal is shown as “very good” and the ookla speedtest shows substantially increased speed  over my previous Spectrum cable internet.   But given I’m only about 3-4 miles from the closest TMO tower I think I can probably get better up/down speeds & an “excellent” signal if I can get/use the TMO4GAR.

They checked and the new Modem will “released” is still not available for shipment from their warehouses (or whatever).